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Actress Jodi Gordon reveals what led to her 30-day rehab stint

Jodi Gordon, star of Neighbours, speaks out in a new interview about hitting rock bottom before attending treatment for a month this year.

In an exclusive new interview with Stellar, Australian actress Jodi Gordon opens out about facing up to her years-long alcohol addiction.

The 37-year-old Neighbours and Home And Away actress, who is presently a Celebrity Apprentice competitor, entered rehab in April after her ex-boyfriend, an investment banker, was forbidden from communicating with her for two years.

Gordon characterized alcohol as her “poison” in an interview with Stellar, and she revealed how terrible things went before she joined a 30-day rehab program.

“I’ve chased this illusion that I can drink like a normal person for far too long. It got really bad when I was doing Neighbours. It was the commuting, the stress of traveling… In my industry, I think there’s a lot of keeping up with appearances,” she said.

“I was trying to present something beyond [what] I could pretend to control, trying to do my best, but just sinking … feeling like I was a small girl in a big world. I think I got to a point where the depression really started to sink in.”

Gordon played Martha Mackenzie on Home And Away from 2005 to 2010, and Elly Conway on Neighbours from 2016 to 2020, resuming the character for the show’s approaching final episodes.

She was nominated for Popular Actress in 2009 and won the Logie for Popular New Female Talent in 2006.

However, she made headlines earlier this year for a different reason, following her dramatic split with former lover Sebastian Blackler.

After a “physical altercation” on April 3 at a bed and breakfast in Kurrajong Heights, north west of Sydney, the former couple was forbidden from interacting with each other for two years. Gordon entered rehab later that month.

“The place that I was in before I went into rehab was a really dark place she said.

“It’s a place where I was so far down this well – which is what I call it – that it’s really hard to think, to hear, to see any form of light or to be able to connect with anyone, let alone to reach out or talk to anyone.

“So for me to hear that someone is worried about me or to hear that someone is telling me to go to rehab or that I need help, that just sounded like white noise.”

Gordon claimed that she eventually grew “so desperate” that she realised she needed to seek treatment.

“I let someone help me make that choice and I booked myself in … begrudgingly, but within a couple of days, I knew I was right where I belonged.”

Gordon also told Stellar that while she feels “shame and regret” for some of her past mistakes, she will not be embarrassed by others for her decision to go to rehab.

“I don’t think that having an opinion or degrading someone for trying to get help or trying to be better and improve their life is fair,” she said.


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