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Dean calls on the River Boys in new Home and Away promo

A new Home and Away promo has teased the return of the River Boys, as they head back to Summer Bay to help sort out Mackenzie’s latest predicament.

Home and Away Promo| Love,Thrills, Fury. You can’t miss this.

Before you get your hopes up, it appears that Dean will not be enlisting the help of Heath Braxton this time, but rather a group of River Boys from the Mangrove River gang, as they prepare to face PK (Ryan Johnson) and his heavies.

Mackenzie just hosted her first poker night in order to pay off her business obligations and keep Salt afloat, as seen by UK viewers. Australian viewers, on the other hand, are several weeks ahead of schedule and are currently witnessing Mac become increasingly out of her depth as she becomes addicted to the excitement of hosting game after game.

In recent episodes, PK, a rumoured high roller, convinced Mac to throw a secret poker game with a limited number of participants, each of whom would spend $5,000 to buy in.

Previously, Mac had the support of Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Ryder (Lukas Radovich), but Ryder has lately left for a job on a cruise ship, and PK has ordered Felicity to sit out the game because she is the sister of a cop.

In the most recent episode, which aired in Australia on Wednesday, PK lied to Mac by telling her that the house had lost, meaning she now owed him a massive $100,000.

He told her that he would wipe her debt clean if she spent the night with him in her hotel room.

One night with me and all your problems go away.”

Mackenzie tried to reason with him, offering him the $50,000 buy-in from the players, a payment plan and even a stake in Salt as ways to settle their debts, but he wasn’t interested, and insisted that one night with him would make them even.

Mackenzie later broke down at the beach when she ran into Ziggy and Dean, claiming that she had made a last-minute decision not to sleep with PK. She did, however, send up the $50,000, indicating that the business is still in debt and that she owes PK another $50,000.

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Dean (Patrick O’Connor) was tasked with informing his sister that she had been duped. The house can’t lose at poker, thus she has no obligation to PK or the other players.

He explained, “It was a con.” “PK lied to you, you didn’t lose any money last night.” It’s not possible for the house to lose at poker.”

We witness the aftermath in a promo that ran after the show, and things are about to get dangerous as Mackenzie enacts a plot of revenge that will “lead to slaughter.”

At the end of the episode, Mackenzie told Dean and Ziggy that they’re “gonna play him at his own game.”

However, unsurprisingly, it appears PK won’t take her revenge plan well.

A sequence of dramatic pictures show a swarm of heavies destroying Salt, forcing Dean and Mackenzie to kneel in the middle of the restaurant, their hands raised over their heads.

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As the men wreck the bar around them, the half-siblings exchange worrisome looks, and Mackenzie flinches as a glass smashes against the wall.

The bar isn’t the only thing in jeopardy; with Dean assisting his sister, things are going to get very personal.

The next shot shows Dean downstairs in the Surf Club, looking at a picture of his son, Jai (River Jarvis).

He has an expression of fear and anger on his face as he looks up – has someone left the photo at his workplace as a threat?

In the next shot, he lunges towards PK and grabs him by his suit jacket.

“If you have hurt him…”

Logan (Harley Bonner) also seems set to discover the truth. The promo sees him sat in Salt with a teary Mackenzie, as he asks her, “so you’ve been lying to me for weeks?”

If Mackenzie really did spend the night with PK to get herself out of trouble, where would that leave them?

And, considering Mackenzie had failed to even mention any of her poker nights to her boyfriend, let alone her proposition from PK, will the revelation spell an end to their relationship regardless?

Logan is concerned about more than Mackenzie’s deception. In last week’s episodes, he was driving the automobile that collided with Millie (Zara Zoe), leaving her hospitalised and murdering the passenger, Millie’s best friend, Jo. As the plot unfolds, we witness Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) and Logan conversing.

“So you’re claiming I caused this accident?” “It’s starting to seem that way,” Cash says in response to Logan’s question.

With Logan set to leave Home and Away later this year, could either storyline be paving the way for his exit?

Tane is also caught up in Mackenzie’s debt problem, as if that wasn’t enough.

A spoiler for the first of next Thursday’s (19th May) tripe episodes reads “Will Tane pay for Mackenzie’s crimes?”

While the heavies seemed to leave Mackenzie and Dean alone as they crushed up Salt, Tane may not be so fortunate.

One of the men kicks and punches him in the promo, before a suited man who appears to be PK jumps in and drags the man away.

Has even PK realised that this is a step too far?

Tane writhes in pain on the floor, where he’s later discovered by Felicity.

She screams out for someone to call an ambulance, as her boyfriend lays badly beaten on the floor.

Will Tane be okay?

Logan may not be happy with Mackenzie’s actions, but he’s still a doctor and a loyal member of the Summer Bay community, and he still wants to help.

A spoiler for the second of next Thursday’s episodes reads “Can Logan’s sacrifice save Tane’s life?” – just what sacrifice will he have to make?

Then comes the moment when Dean makes a desperate attempt to assist his sister.

The last episode of next Thursday’s triple bill promises that “Dean plots revenge,” and the teaser now reveals that he seeks assistance from his old Mangrove River pals, the River Boys.

“The River Boys? Are you serious?” asks Ziggy, dumbfounded.

In the final scenes of the dramatic promo, we see Dean and three of his old gang mates pull up in Summer Bay and step out of the car.

As they open the boot, and we see Dean and a long-haired gang member stare at what’s inside, we hear a worried Ziggy ask, “what did you do?!”

Based on the River Boys’ history in Summer Bay, we can’t imagine it’s anything good…

What lengths has Dean gone to, to protect his sister?

In the trailer, Millie, a newcomer, falls into trouble in the sea off Summer Bay.

Millie was first seen labouring underwater in a previous promo that aired last week, but the new promo goes into greater detail.

As Bella (Courtney Miller) watches from the shore, Nikau (Kawakawa Rox-Reo) notices her in trouble and blasts his whistle before running into the ocean.

Will Millie survive?

Another scene depicts Theo (Matt Evans) and Chloe’s romance (Sam Barrett). Theo began flirting with Chloe as soon as he arrived in Summer Bay, but she was with Ryder (Lukas Radovich) at the time and originally showed no interest.

His charisma soon won her over, and they became friends, which enraged Ryder and contributed to their breakup. During one of Ryder and Theo’s online challenges, the two enjoyed a quick kiss while Ryder was unwell.

While Chloe was dealing with Ari’s (Rob Kipa-Williams) death, they slept together, giving Theo hope that they may be more than friends. Chloe, on the other hand, quickly shut him down and made it clear to Theo and everyone else that their night together was a mistake.

Recently, she has had a chance of heart and the two kissed once again.

Theo leads a blindfolded Chloe along the beach in the promo, before removing the blindfold to reveal a picnic beneath an improvised structure with pillows, his guitar, and flowers.

Will the pair finally find happiness together?


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