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EXCLUSIVE: Why Matt Evans is scared to leave Home and Away

Matt Evans’ star has soared rapidly since his acting debut on Home and Away less than a year ago.

Matt has the world at his fingertips, from a Silver Logie Award nomination to a rapidly rising fanbase for his portrayal of bad boy Theo Poulos.

While he has no imminent plans to leave Summer Bay, the 25-year-old tells our sister site TV WEEK that he is determined to try his luck in Hollywood.

“Obviously I have plans when it comes to moving to the US and giving the States a go and seeing what I can do over there,” he says.

“I have a great agent and everything set up there, so that was always [the plan], otherwise I feel like I would be wondering ‘what if?'”

When it comes to Matt’s ideal co-star, he wants to work on a romantic comedy with Jason Bateman, a Hollywood heavyweight.

“He’s my all-time favorite. I am obsessed with him, he’s so funny. I would really like to work with him in a romcom situation. That’s kind of a big thing for me,” he says.

“I’m really into rom coms and stuff like that. Some of my favorite people are the leading man who’s really charming but still really funny.”

Despite his ambitions for international success, Matt says that the prospect of leaving his Summer Bay family makes him sad.

“I still feel so comfortable and at home on Home and Away. There’s already that anxiety building in me of leaving the place and having to go and fend for myself and [I’m thinking]: ‘What if I never work again?'” he says.

“I’m definitely for the next few years happy to be playing Theo.”

While Matt, who joined the cast in September 2021, is unquestionably bound for international prominence, he has found his Home and Away experiences useful.

“It’s the perfect place for me to have learned how to act. It’s a great training ground for me and I think it’s exactly what I needed before I move on to anything else,” he says.

“Getting a small number of takes and having to be spot on and know your words; I think you gain a different sort of respect for everybody involved when you’re there and you’re doing it.”

Matt has worked in a variety of settings, including warehouses, pubs, and teaching music to children. But playing Theo on Home and Away has brought him a new level of career fulfillment.

“It was the first time I [resonated with] that phrase ‘you never have to work a day in your life if you do what you enjoy’. That was the first time I’ve ever felt that in my life. I was like ‘I really love my life’,” he gushes.

“Even though I have to put in the work and work hard for this job, I’m just really enjoying my life.”

This article first appeared on our sister site, TV WEEK.


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