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Home and Away reveals shock charges in tragic death story

Will the truth be revealed?

Logan Bennett will face formal charges as the show’s car collision narrative develops, according to Home and Away.

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Logan is facing an unclear future following his involvement in a recent traffic accident in which his automobile collided with another vehicle, according to a major plotline now airing in Australia.

Both he and the other driver, Millie, were unharmed. Millie’s friend Jo, who was in one of the passenger seats, unfortunately perished on the spot.

Logan’s side has been proven guilty so far in a police enquiry, as it’s believed he was speeding at the time of the incident.

Millie has now admitted to fellow newcomer Xander Delaney that she was to blame for the mishap since she was preoccupied by her phone right before it happened.

Xander has pressed Millie to tell the cops about this important information, but she has steadfastly refused.

Logan will be charged with causing death by unsafe driving in next week’s Australian episodes, according to Home and Away.

The latest news horrifies Xander, who once again puts pressure on Millie to face the consequences of her actions.

Millie only repeats previous threats that she has made, warning that she’ll falsely accuse Xander of harassment if he pursues this.

Following advice from his worried sister Jasmine, Xander heads down to the police station and vows to make his own statement about Jo’s death. Will he go through with it?


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