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Mackenzie Booth of H&A has been left distraught by a sick PK scam.



Mackenzie Booth of Home and Away has struck rock bottom after being the target of a horrific fraud in the show’s most recent Australian episodes.

Mac is currently at the centre of a major plotline, as she has been attempting to fix her financial problems at Salt by conducting illegal gambling evenings.



Mac planned another event in this week’s Australian episodes, hoping it would go as easily as the others, but mystery newcomer PK discovered a terrible method to exploit her.

PK informed Mac that the house had lost and that she owed the poker players $100,000. He then stepped in, suggesting that he’d settle the loan for her in exchange for her sleeping with him.

Mac was coerced into joining PK in a hotel room, but she eventually refused to comply with his heinous demands and walked away.

Mac was shocked when her brother Dean Thompson revealed to her that the house never loses in poker, therefore PK had duped her.

As Mac wondered how to exact vengeance on PK, Dean advised her to focus on resolving her debt problems instead. He mentioned that she may still borrow money from her lover Logan Bennett.

When Logan warmly expressed his love for her, Mac contemplated it briefly but felt too terrible.



Later, a devastated Mac told Dean that asking Logan for assistance was still out of the question.

She said: “PK made me feel disgusting. I still chose to be there. I can’t escape that. I have to live with it.

“You might not understand, but there is no way I’m asking for Logan’s help when I nearly cheated on him.”

Dean tried to persuade Mac that she was not to blame for PK’s bad behavior, but she refused to talk about it any further and walked away. What is she going to do now?

These scenes will air on Channel 5 in June for Home and Away fans in the UK.



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