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Neighbours star Georgie Stone reveals death plot producers turned down

Mackenzie (Georgie Stone) will marry Hendrix (Ben Turland) in a dream wedding next week on Neighbours. One of the most beautiful love stories on the soap has been the one between the two.

However, it turns out that Australian actress Stone wanted her character to marry sooner and was looking for a tragic ending as well.

In an interview with Inside Soap, Stone has revealed that she and Lachie Millar suggested killing off his character Richie: “Lachie Millar and I pitched a storyline where Mackenzie and Richie get married, and then he dies!”

This isn’t the first time Stone has approached Neighbours with a narrative idea. She would provide narrative ideas to executive producer Jason Herbison before joining the show.

Georgie Stone, a transgender activist, was cast as Mackenzie in 2019, with her first plotline centred on her making friends with Yashvi Rebecchi, a fellow student at her school, then revealing her gender identity and being welcomed by her peers.

When Stone was 19 years old, the soap’s first trans storyline was introduced with the arrival of Mackenzie.

With the final episode of Neighbours due to air in August, Mackenzie and Hendrix’s wedding could be the show’s penultimate wedding ceremony.

“I secretly always wanted to get married on Neighbours because it’s such a Neighbours tradition,” she revealed.

Stone says that having a Neighbours wedding was a dream come true for her, and that she also adores her gown: “Mackenzie is dressed in a stunning wedding gown created by Neighbours’ fantastic costume department. Despite the fact that it is custom produced by Amy in the show, “she revealed.

Georgie’s mother and father have also appeared on Neighbours, so we’re sure she’s received plenty of guidance during her time on the show.


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