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Neighbours star Jodi Gordon opens up over alcohol dependence and depression

Neighbours’ Jodi Gordon has spoken openly about her struggles with depression and alcoholism.

In an interview with Stellar Magazine, the actress, who portrayed Elly Conway from 2016 to 2020 and previously played Martha Mackenzie in Home and Away, discussed her recent 30-day treatment in a rehab centre, revealing that she was in a “very dark place.”

“There were no smiles at the start of those 30 days,” she said.

“To find yourself in a place where you have multiple people making the decision for you that you have to admit yourself into a rehab, that’s not a place where you’re smiling.”

She continued: “I learnt so much through connection but also through the tools that you gain in how to start to deal with that pain, that trauma, how to break it down, coping mechanisms. And how, once you exit that rehab facility, to start implementing those tools into your life and restructure and build a bigger, better life.”

Gordon admitted that drinking was her “poison” before going to rehab.

“I’ve chased this illusion that I can drink like a normal person for far too long,” she said. “It got really bad when I was doing Neighbours… In my industry, I think there’s a lot of keeping up with appearances. I was trying to present something beyond [what] I could pretend to control, trying to do my best, but just sinking.

“I think I got to a point where the depression really started to sink in. I spiralled into a place of really negative thoughts within myself.”

She added: “I’d been in this really dark place of depression on and off over the years. But the place that I was in before I went into rehab was a really dark place.

“It’s a place where I was so far down this well – which is what I call it – that it’s really hard to think, to hear, to see any form of light or to be able to connect with anyone, let alone to reach out or talk to anyone.

“I let someone help me make that choice and I booked myself in begrudgingly, but within a couple of days, I knew I was right where I belonged.”

Gordon replied she felt like she had “been given a second shot at life both inwardly and outwardly in terms of a new path, a new chapter” when asked how she was doing right now.

“I know that’s all clichéd talk,” she added, “but when you dive deep into the dark problems that you have, when you can come out the other end of that, I think there’s freedom and liberation in that. I feel like second chances are on the table.”

Gordon left the Ramsay Street soap opera in 2020, but he will return for the final episodes. Bonnie Anderson, who plays Bea Nilsson on-screen, will also be returning to Erinsborough.

Gordon recently appeared in a video shot on the set of Neighbours to promote voting for the National Television Awards.


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